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Energizer -vs- Duracell

8th Sep 2015

Ok, let's keep it real for a minute! 

People have great experiences with both Energizer Batteries and Duracell Batteries batteries.

With that said people still want to know "When comparing the two brands Energizer -vs- Duracell what's the best alkaline AA, AAA, D, C or 9 Volt battery?"

The simple answer... both. Wait, what?

Ok, ok we know some people have better experiences with Duracell Batteries and some with Energizer Batteries.

Keeping with the market segment retail, commercial and high tech each battery is designed to hold the maximum capacity possible to give you the longest lasting battery available.

We carry both brands so you can choose the best battery for you.

Duracell Quantum - Premium capacity battery for high tech customers.

Duracell Procell and Energizer Industrial - Industrial labeling for commercial customers.

Duracell Coppertop and Energizer Batteries for retail customers.

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